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What makes Volta Power Energy Storage Systems unique?

Volta Power Systems offers complete and configurable engineered solutions to meet all of your application needs. Energy storage solutions can be designed with your application in mind taking all of the guesswork out of figuring out what is needed.

Yes the initial investment is higher than a traditional lead acid AGM battery solution Volta enables capabilities and opportunities previous not possible with lead acid systems. The total cost of ownership and annual costs are significantly reduced with Volta Power Systems.

  • The Volta Power Systems uses the same technology found in hybrid and electric cars like the Tesla, and other OEM hybrids, that are currently not available for the Yacht and Coach markets. With Volta Power Energy Storage Systems you get the benefit of over $200M of research and development for the automotive industry for your energy storage system.
  • Completely American made: The major components of the Volta Power System are all produced in the United States.
How will Volta Power Energy Storage Systems benefit my application?
  1. More power
  2. More reliability
  3. More available cargo space
  4. More carrying capability (up to to 1000 lbs in weight reduction over traditional systems)
  5. More quiet time
  6. Complies with EPA Anti Idling
  7. Reduce operating cost
  8. Reducing emission
  9. Reducing downtime

The Volta Power Energy Storage Systems has many benefits which include increased capability to power all of your accessories while on the road without having to rely on shore power or the sole use of a generator. Our system also provides reliable power should you have brown outs or reduced shore power. The Volta Power Energy Storage Systems is compliant to anti-idling laws and will save you annual expenses for maintenance, fuel and EPA regulated items.

What is Li Ion technology?

Li Ion technology is the latest in energy storage technology being used in automotive hybrid vehicles. A battery stores energy and converts that energy from chemical to electrical on demand. In a Li Ion battery Li Ions move from the anode and cathode during charge and discharge to produce electricity.

Compared to lead acid technology Li Ion is lighter, more efficient and requires less time to charge your battery. It also has 5X the life of lead acid batteries. The Li Ion Technology used in the Volta Power Energy Storage Systems has been on the road for 5 years in automotive applications. It is now available to you for other non automotive applications.

Did you know that there are multiple type of Li Ion batteries? The kind that are used in cars are different than the ones currently available over the counter or via online sites. Volta uses technology developed for automobile applications giving you the latest technology available today. The technology we are using has been used in vehicle in heavy duty industrial applications for over 5 years.

What EPA regulations affect RV travel? What is DEF?

In 2000 the EPA signed emission standards which targeted the reduction of emissions for on road vehicles for MY 2007 and beyond.

Did you know that as of 2015 all generators over a certain power rating have to be Tier 4 rated?

Did you know that from 2001 to 2010 the increase in downtime for diesel engines with Tier 4 compliance increased by 29%? What does this mean to the future of on board generators?

Most RV OEMs chose a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to comply with new EPA regulations for reduced emissions. SCR technology uses Diesel Exhaust Fuel as a means to reduce emissions. DEF is a solution stored in a tank, which is injected into the exhaust stream, reacting with the Nitrous Oxide (NOx) in the SCR catalyst, forming harmless nitrogen and water.

Please see the NADA Report 2010 by Calpin & Jenning for more information. Or the EPA site

What are the safety features included in the Volta Power Systems unit?

Volta’s energy system has 14 unique layers of safety built in. Each level of the energy storage system, from the internals of the cells to the extent of the complete battery, has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the automotive OEM. Key highlights that separate us from other manufacturers include our steel housing and advanced electronics. Our steel housing protects the system from the external environment, and protects the battery by preventing a continued supply of oxygen in the case of an accident. Other manufacturers encase their cells in plastic housings, which could be used as fuel in an accident. Our advanced electronics monitor each cell for performance and can react to the slightest changes.

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What applications can benefit from Volta Power Systems?
  • Coaches, RV’s and Trailers
  • Yachts, sailing, and performance boats
  • Telecommunications – 48V is standard
  • Mobility: coming soon
  • Custom applications
Where can I buy a Volta Power Systems Unit?

Please see our list of authorized dealers for information on how you can obtain our energy storage system in your application.

Is the Volta Power System low or high voltage?

All of the Volta power system are below the Low voltage threshold with most of our operation ranges between 40V – 48V.

What is useable energy?

Think of the battery in terms of the fuel in your gas tank. As you get low on fuel you have a reserve to alert you to your fuel level and prevent you from running out of gas. Batteries and the battery management systems are designed the same way to prevent you from discharging the batteries to a low state of charge (SOC) which would reduce the life of the product.

The total energy of a system (rated energy) can be misleading since you can only use a portion of the battery’s energy during operation. The useable energy of a battery is the range at which the battery can operated over a SOC range. 100% SOC means your battery is 100% charged. When you are applying a load to your battery the result is the depth of discharge (DOD) of the battery.

SOC of 100% and DOD of 100% are avoided to maximize the battery life. In some chemistries such as lead acid (PbA) going below 50% DOD will drastically reduce the battery life due to the side reactions that occur on the anode and cathode of that battery while in that state. Li Ion technology can operate at lower SOC without impacting the life of the battery.

Volta Power Systems provides an energy storage solution where 90% of the battery’s energy is usable vs that of a lead acid AGM system where only 50% of the energy is usable despite the increase in space and weight. Ultimately higher useable energy means greater battery utilization and cost giving you the best lifetime cost.