Enabling Technologies

The latest science and technology – more power, smaller package

  • 622 lbs in weight savings over a traditional 6-8D AGM solution.
  • Ability to reduce generator size by 50%.
  • Space savings of 50% to comparable AGM energy storage.
  • 10 year battery life expectancy.
  • Eliminate generator needs when main engine is running.
  • No unique modifications required to existing vehicle architecture.
  • Ability to run entire vehicles power system needs including AC.
  • Solution to anti-idling laws.

Multiple configurations and capabilities without the cost of specialized engineering.

Get all the advantages of 48V efficiency without changing your base design:

  • 12V, 24V, don’t worry – our system can meet any existing DC voltage need.
  • Need a little storage or a lot? Our plug and play design allows you to connect up to 4 batteries to one system.
  • Adjust your 120 AC output by selecting how much output you need by adding 35 amp channels.
  • Need power? Our alternator produces 3x the power over traditional versions.
  • Configurable turn-key solutions!