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Energy Storage System

Advanced Li Ion Technology

The Volta Power Systems energy storage system contains automotive grade Li Ion technology. The system has been tested to strict automotive OEM requirements for performance and safety, which means it has been tested in crash testing, thermal, and shock – unlike other competitive products designed for non automotive applications.  The technology uses mixed metal oxide materials for outstanding performance in high energy density applications.


The Volta Power Systems energy storage system is based on proven automotive technology.  Using field experience from real world applications we couple these proven systems with additional levels of safety for use in auxiliary energy systems.  Other systems depend on external control by the vehicle or chargers.   The Volta Power system centralizes control within the battery pack reducing complexity and insuring control of critical systems.



The alternator is a light weight 48V high performance alternator that is 3X more powerful and 80 lbs lighter than a traditional 12V alternator. It is air cooled and comes in an optional J-180 mount or a pad mount ready to fit any standard engine.  The Volta designed alternator is used in addition to the 12V starter alternator for most applications.  The extra power allows vehicle designs the ability to power more things from the main engine than ever before.

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Our amazing converter selections give you the flexibility to adapt to any system – 12, 24V or something else – with no problems. We have two converter selections – 150 amps continuous and a 250 amp continuous output converter to meet any configuration needs.

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Our industrial grade 3600W of 120VAC output inverters have been specially developed to work with lithium ion in order to maximize performance and safety.

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Our products are all designed to be extremely efficient, but it’s the way we’ve put them together that makes Volta Power Systems different. Our experience and knowledge produce the engineered power management system that outpaces the others. The combination of new technologies and proven methods results in the best power management investment you can make. Contact Volta Power Systems to find out how we can make your luxury vehicle even better.

How our solutions are used

  • Coaches/Recreational Vehicles/Trailers
  • Yachts/Boating/Marine
  • Telecommunications
  • Home Storage
  • Semi Tractor-trailer Anti-idling Power Supply
  • Golf Carts
  • Refrigeration
  • Mobility
  • Small Energy Solutions (3.6 kWh & 7.2 kWh systems)
  • Scalable Systems (3.6 kWh increments)
  • Applications subject to increased EPA regulations
  • Custom Solutions Do you have a unique application? We can develop a custom solution that fits!