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Technical Support

2022 Display Update

Screen Software Updates

Over the coming weeks, Volta Power Systems will be releasing a display screen software update for certain models built from late 2021 through April 2022 that use our touchscreen display.

Some users have reported buggy performance including an unexpected shutdown of the pack. If you have been affected, we sincerely apologize for any issues you have had, which are not in alignment with our high expectations for user experience. In our root-cause analysis for the project, we discovered a software bug resulting from a supplier transition in 2021.

We recognize that consumers have heard a lot about supply chain disruptions over the past two years. Please know that we stand with you in that frustration. We’re working hard to produce products that alleviate these frustrations and don’t add to them!

We appreciate your patience while we’ve worked nonstop to develop a software update to fix the issue.

Scheduling Your Update

At this time, a software update for our screens requires a physical connection. We are providing several options to make updating vehicles as convenient for our users as possible.

To roll out this update as soon as possible, Volta Power Systems is attending several events with service technicians who can update affected RV in about 30 minutes.

Please use the form below to schedule your update or inquire about additional system service options.

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