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Dependable Emergency Vehicles and Volta Power Systems Partner on First-in-Market Li-ion APU for Toronto Fire Services

Dependable Emergency Vehicles and Volta Power Systems collaborated to develop fire trucks with zero-emission auxiliary power units (APUs) that cut idling time and the need for on-scene generators.

Powered by Volta’s technology, Dependable’s Idle Reduction & Energy Storage System (IRESS) provides each fire truck with a scalable energy storage pack and customized distribution system. The system provides all the power necessary for warning and scene lights, air conditioning, body lights, tank circulation, communication electronics, and other loads for several hours without idling or using an auxiliary generator. IRESS does not require the installation of specialized charging infrastructure, simplifying the integration process for fire departments.

Nomadic Musician Jason Walsmith Powers Backyard Concerts with an Volta-Powered Van

In 2020, the world of live music changed forever, but not every change was negative. For those seeking smaller artists in intimate venues, the widespread shutdowns led to incredible creativity to continue enjoying live music. Jason Walsmith, independent artist and vocalist for The Nadas, decided to take this creativity one step further by creating an environment where he could play precisely where he wanted to: everywhere.

In June 2020, Jason and his wife, Emma, purchased a 2020 Storyteller Overland MODE. Equipped with robust energy storage from Volta Power Systems, the Class B RV is designed for off-grid adventures without losing the perks of full access to 120V electricity.

Living Vehicle and Volta Power Systems Partner on Luxury Trailer with Solar, EV-Charging and Off-Grid Capability

As Americans seek alternatives for safe living and travel in the COVID-19 pandemic, Living Vehicle is partnering with Volta Power Systems on lithium-ion storage for the 2021 Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer that allows users to live off-grid and recharge electric vehicles (EVs).

The Living Vehicle offers up to 3080 watts of solar and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage, the highest capacity lithium-ion system available in a luxury trailer. Living Vehicle owners can also charge their EVs at rates of up to 44 miles per charge-hour using optional 240-volt exportable power.

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Reduce Truck Idling with Battery-powered Auxiliary System

As 23 states across the U.S. continue to strengthen enforcement of anti-idling regulations to improve urban air quality, Volta Power Systems has partnered with Stellar Industries to provide lithium-ion power systems that reduce idling from fleet utility and work trucks.

The auxiliary systems are designed to provide all-day power to operate hydraulics, power tools, and multiphase worksite power without idling. Available as an accessory to replace a traditional hydraulic system on a work truck, Stellar Industries is offering the Hybrid Power System (HPS) through its American Eagle brand…

Volta Power Systems Releases Updated Inverter

Volta Power Systems, an OEM-focused energy systems supplier, launched a new 3,200-watt inverter and control display that will provide customer-requested updates to its traditional power system.

The company’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jack Johnson, said customers asked for a lightweight system that takes up less space and includes more features.

“Having this type of technology on the coach, you can see usability increase two or three-fold,” Johnson said…

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Lithium-ion Batteries: A Primer

Saying “lithium-ion” to describe a battery is similar to using “fuel” to describe combustible gas and liquids.

Lithium-ion powers a vast amount of the technology in use today, from cars to mobile phones, and everything in between. However, in the public domain, there is misinformation, fear, and confusion over lithium-ion technology and many lingering questions. What are the different types of lithium-ion chemistries? What are they used for? Is it safe? How is it possible for lithium-ion to power both our cellphones and our cars?

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