Custom Power Systems

Complete Energy Solutions for Custom Applications

Our systems can integrate seamlessly anywhere a generator or alternator might be used. Featuring scalable systems that provide your applications more power with less space.

Custom Applications Include:

Mobile Command Centers

Remote Film/Video Power Supply

(Runs quiet, which keeps the audio guys happy.)

Home / Business Backup Power

Industrial or Telecomms Remote / Backup Power

Features & Benefits

Lasts the Lifetime of the Vehicle

With five times the life expectancy of traditional batteries, Volta’s energy storage solutions are rated to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Double the Power in a Third the Size

Experience more power. Volta systems leverage automotive-grade technology and the highest energy density on the market to deliver double the power with ⅓ the space and ⅙ the weight.

Scalable, Plug-n-Play Solutions

Our plug-n-play solutions are scalable in 3.6 kWh increments and can seamlessly integrate into your base design without the need for specialized engineering.

7 Layers of Security

Each of Volta’s seven unique layers of security, including our specialised steel housing and advanced electronics, have been engineered to meet the most stringent safety requirements of automotive OEMs.

Complete Custom Power Systems

Volta configurations are limitless depending on pack size and integration needs.

A few common installations are:

Complete Volta System

Coaches perform best with the complete power system including a high-voltage alternator for charging and running air con while underway. The system is fully scalable with additional inverters and converters for special applications.

Hybridized Generator System

If you’re looking to retrofit a coach and want to keep your generator, consider a hybridisedVolta system. Charging twice as fast as competitors, the Volta system offers reliable, secure power that can be scaled to your needs and can cut generator time by up to 75%.

Basic Charge & Go System

Whether retrofitting or building new, some applications may have daily/frequent access to the grid for quick recharging. For those mobile needs, a basic Charge & Go System may be the best option.

Get Volta for Motorhomes

Browse our list of Volta-equipped motorhome brands or contact a retrofitter to install a Volta power system on your current motorhome.


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