Idle-Free Power Systems for EMS & Fire Engines

Volta empowers EMS and Fire & Rescue fleet operators to meet idle reduction, safety and sustainability goals at ¼ the cost of a full-EV solution.

Learn how fleets like Toronto Fire Services are meeting goals and saving on maintenance and fuel costs.

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The Real Cost of Idling:
ROI Payback Chart

Idling is harder on your vehicle than you might think. Simply by eliminating idling, the Volta system can pay for itself in as little as 1-2 years. Fill out the form below to download more information and see the numbers for yourself.

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Li-Ion Auxiliary Power Systems to Meet Idle Reduction Goals

Idle-reduction or elimination regulations now impact the UK and an increasing number of countries around the globe. We can help you meet your compliance goals, cut maintenance costs and improve scene safety. Volta’s complete systems integrate seamlessly into any chassis with high-power alternator charging options and no special infrastructure requirements.


All Day or Night

Our systems provide all the power you need to cleanly and quietly power lights, medical equipment, tank circulation, cabin aircon and more for an entire shift without the need for idling or recharging.

Dependable and Volta deliver first-in-market anti-idle APUs for Toronto Fire Services

Each of the 16 fire engines contracted for Toronto Fire Services is estimated to save the department $11,833 USD annually in maintenance and fuel costs. Each will also eliminate up to 8,876 kg in CO2 emissions every year.

Scale & Customise

We’ll work with you to scale your energy storage to fit the needs of your fire or ambulance vehicle. Distribution is customisable through a system of pure-sine AC inverters (120V, 240V and 208V three-phase) and DC conversion to any voltage you need.

The Performance You Expect from an Automotive-Grade Solution

System Standardisation

Volta systems are compatible with chassis from any manufacturer, no matter how diverse your fleet. Our standardisation makes it more economical to implement fleet capital improvements.

All The Power You Need

Our systems provide more than enough capacity for your fleet to run power tools, hydraulics, air conditioning, micro-grid and more without the need to idle or run a generator.

Lifetime Reliability

Volta systems are virtually maintenance-free and decrease the wear of idling on the main engine. And unlike drop-in LFP systems, ours are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Rapid ROI

Idling is harder on your vehicle than you might think. Simply by eliminating idling, the Volta system can pay for itself in just a couple of years. The rest is money in your pocket.

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