Nomadic Musician Jason Walsmith Powers Backyard Concerts with an Volta-Powered Van

Jason and Emma Walsmith made the most of the pandemic year, playing intimate concerts across the US in their Storyteller Overland MODE van, their Volta system making all the difference in their journey.

In 2020, the world of live music changed forever, but not every change was negative. For those seeking smaller artists in intimate venues, the widespread shutdowns led to incredible creativity to continue enjoying live music. Jason Walsmith, independent artist and vocalist for The Nadas, decided to take this creativity one step further by creating an environment where he could play precisely where he wanted to: everywhere.

In June 2020, Jason and his wife, Emma, purchased a 2020 Storyteller Overland MODE. Equipped with robust energy storage from Volta Power Systems, the Class B RV is designed for off-grid adventures without losing the perks of full access to 120V electricity.

The van’s 13.5 kWh lithium-ion power system enabled them to run all-day air conditioning and use other amenities without idling or connecting to shore power. But most importantly, it would equip them to power the necessary audio equipment for Jason to host intimate concerts as part of his “I’ll Play Anywhere, Man” tour. During the first leg of the tour, Jason’s venues included backyards, public parks and the middle of the Moab desert in Utah.

“Volta absolutely made our buying decision for spending that kind of money on a vehicle,” Emma said. “I mean, just the idea that we could run A/C off the battery for our two dogs? That really piqued our interest!”

In their first year of van ownership, the Walsmiths spent 107 nights traveling in their van, powering 17 shows off the van’s power system. By using their Volta system to power shows and van amenities when they aren’t driving, they’ve prevented an estimated 26,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saving approximately $3,500 in fuel costs.

After hearing their story, Jack Johnson, the CTO of Volta Power Systems, invited Jason and Emma to perform at the Volta Power Systems headquarters in Holland, MI. Approximately 80 people attended the outdoor show, with all audio equipment powered entirely off the Volta system in the Walsmiths’ van.

“When we first started Volta Power Systems, we set out to change peoples’ lives with this incredible piece of technology,” said Johnson. “In our minds, Jason and Emma represent a perfect case study on how the Volta system can be used to revolutionize the way people live. 2020 presented an enormous challenge for everyone, and the Walsmiths capitalized on Volta technology to continue sharing their craft with the world.”

In conjunction with staff at Storyteller Overland, Jason also recorded three new solo songs inspired by his and Emma’s experiences living on the road. The full album will be available to stream and purchase on August 31st. The album’s first single “Camper Van” is already available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and a music video on YouTube.

The pandemic year showed the world how important art, music and entertainment are to the human experience, and the Walsmiths’ van helped them thrive in a world when everything else abruptly came to a standstill. Now, no matter where their fans are, Jason and Emma can bring the concert to them.

About Volta Power Systems
Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems provides safe, powerful and simple lithium-ion energy storage solutions for small to midsize businesses. RV, marine and specialty vehicle OEMs trust Volta to deliver advanced, automotive-grade power systems that enhance the lifestyle, freedom and comfort of their end-users. For more information, visit

About Storyteller Overland
Founded in 2018, Storyteller Overland was created to inspire and equip fellow explorers, vanlifers, and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts with the proper gear, resources, and mindset to “Live Free. Explore Endlessly. Tell Better Stories” out on the open road and beyond. Along with their MODE™ 4×4 adventure-ready van series and other outdoor lifestyle items, Storyteller Overland offers a unique style of customer service and aftersales care revolving around, interactive, on-demand, engagement via its proprietary Storyteller service app. For more information, visit

About Jason & Emma Walsmith
Jason and Emma refer to themselves as “Racontourists,” a combination of the words “raconteur,” a storyteller, and “tourist,” someone who travels for fun. With a lifetime of multifaceted experience in the music and entertainment industries, the Walsmiths now spend their time traveling the country and sharing music out of their van named Falkor. For more information, visit

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