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What is Li-Ion Technology?

Li Ion technology is the latest in energy storage technology being used in automotive hybrid vehicles. A battery stores energy and converts that energy from chemical to electrical on demand. In a Li Ion battery Li Ions move from the anode and cathode during charge and discharge to produce electricity.

Compared to lead acid technology Li Ion is lighter, more efficient and requires less time to charge your battery. It also has 5X the life of lead acid batteries. The Li Ion Technology used in the Volta Power Energy Storage Systems has been on the road for 5 years in automotive applications. It is now available to you for other non automotive applications.

Did you know that there are multiple type of Li Ion batteries? The kind that are used in cars are different than the ones currently available over the counter or via online sites. Volta uses technology developed for automobile applications giving you the latest technology available today. The technology we are using has been used in vehicle in heavy duty industrial applications for over 5 years.

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