Lithium-Ion Power Systems for Marine

Quiet Power, Endless Possibilities

Hear that? That’s the wind and the waves. Volta Power Systems can cut generator time by 75%, keeping your craft quiet, safe, and with enough power to enjoy your escape on the water for hours or days. Watch the video to learn more.

Experience Quiet

Enjoy more freedom with simple, reliable power. Find peace-of-mind with a redundant power supply for radio, nav equipment and weather forecasts.

Quickly Recharge

Volta systems are virtually maintenance-free, charge twice as fast as competitors, and decrease generator time by up to 75%.

Scalable Power

Volta Power Systems integrate seamlessly into new or existing yachts, are compatible with solar power and are scalable to fit your needs.

Passenger Safety

Using automotive grade technology, Volta was designed with seven layers of safety that protect your passengers and family. Rest and play easy without carbon monoxide concerns from generators & idling.

Complete Systems for Marine Vehicles

For marine applications, Volta systems are available in three common configurations:

Complete Volta System

Marine applications perform best with the complete power system including a high-voltage alternator for charging and running AC while underway. The system is fully scalable with additional inverters and converters for special applications.

Hybridized Generator System

If you’re looking to retrofit a yacht and want to keep your generator, consider a hybridized Volta system. Charging twice as fast as competitors, the Volta system offers reliable, secure power that can be scaled to your needs and can cut generator time by up to 75%.

Charge & Go

For smaller craft with frequent day-trips and easy access to shore power overnight, Volta offers a more basic system. Charge up overnight, enjoy hours of generator-free power for all your equipment including A/C all day and plug it back in at night.

How Long Can I Run?

Energy Storage Power Calculator

Pick a pack size and select from the common, high-draw amenities (rated at 120V) below to calculate a baseline run time.

Get Volta for RV

Browse our list of Volta-equipped RV brands or contact a retrofitter to install a Volta power system on your current RV.


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