Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Volta power systems are great fit for users and OEMs who value best-in-class performance, uncompromised safety, and total freedom to roam or work.

Volta RV Lithium Ion Energy Storage


Volta systems empower RV owners to experience the road with more. More aux power, more amenities and more possibilities.

Volta Coach Lithium Ion Energy Storage


Luxury and passenger coaches with Volta benefit from higher passenger comfort, power for more amenities and increased driver experience.

Volta Marine Lithium Ion Energy Storage


With Volta, yacht and sailboat owners enjoy a quieter, more comfortable experience in addition to a reliable, redundant power source.

Volta Utility Work Truck Lithium Ion Energy Storage

Utility/Hydraulics & Industrial Work

Utility vehicles and industrial applications need serious power to do real work. Volta’s workhorse lithium ion systems have all the power you need to get the job done.

Volta Over the Road Truck Lithium Ion Energy Storage

Over-the-road Trucking

Volta systems will help you meet anti-idling requirements while also increasing the satisfaction, health and safety of drivers.

Volta Custom Lithium Ion Energy Storage

Custom Solutions

As a fully scalable, plug-n-play system, Volta is flexible to meet virtually any energy storage application including home/business backup power, mobile command centers, remote industrial needs and even video production trailers!

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