Lithium-Ion Energy Storage for Coach & Limousine

Power to Provide the Experience Your Customers Expect

Travel better. Volta’s auxiliary electric solution combines best-in-class performance and comfort for passengers and drivers alike.

Features & Benefits

Lifetime Reliability

Keep your fleet moving. Volta systems are virtually maintenance-free and decrease the wear of idling on the main engine. What’s more, the systems are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Meets Anti-Idling Regulations

The idle-free systems are quiet and environmentally friendly, helping your fleet stay ahead of regulations while eliminating idling fuel expenses.

More, Scalable Power

Volta Power Systems can integrate seamlessly into new or existing coaches and are scalable to provide all the power you’ll ever need.

Enhanced Travel Experience

Simple, reliable power keeps drivers happy and creates a more luxurious travel experience for passengers with unlimited access to power for air conditioning, charging and entertainment.


Complete Systems for Coaches

For coaches, Volta systems are available in two common configurations:

Volta Energy Storage Complete System

Complete Volta System

Coaches perform best with the complete power system including a high-voltage alternator for charging and running AC while underway. The system is fully scalable with additional inverters and converters for special applications.

Volta Energy Storage Hybrid System

Hybridized Generator System

If you’re looking to retrofit a coach and want to keep your generator, consider a hybridized Volta system. Charging twice as fast as competitors, the Volta system offers reliable, secure power that can be scaled to your needs and can cut generator time by up to 75%.

How Long Can I Run?

Power Calculator

Pick a pack size and select from the common, high-draw amenities (rated at 120V) below to calculate a baseline run time.

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