Lithium-Ion Energy Storage for RV

Freedom to Roam

Volta systems empower RV owners to experience the road and the wild with more. More auxiliary power, more amenities and more possibilities. Our automotive-grade, advanced energy storage systems deliver a true off-grid adventure without sacrificing the comforts of home. Watch the video to learn more about Volta’s lithium ion technology.

Features & Benefits

More Power
More Power

Experience all the power you need. Volta systems leverage automotive-grade technology and the highest energy density on the market to deliver more power in less space and with less weight.

Go Farther
Go Farther

Cut the cord and wave goodbye to shore power. Camp anywhere you want, recharge your battery on the road, and enjoy a longer runtime than you ever thought possible.

Reliable Tech

Rest easy. Volta systems are scalable to any need, integrate seamlessly into new or existing RVs and are virtually maintenance-free.

Seven Layers of Safety
Pet Friendly

Take everyone along. Protected by seven layers of safety, Volta systems use tested technology to provide a secure, dependable system for your whole family, even the furry ones.

Recent News

Winnebago and Volta Power Systems Announce Generator-Free 2019 Travato

Winnebago has partnered with Volta Power Systems to produce the first ever generator-free Travato Class B RV. Volta’s lithium ion energy storage system will come standard on the 2019 Travato (models 59KL and 59GL), fully replacing the need for a generator.

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Partnering with Advanced RV

Volta Power Systems has partnered with Advanced RV to bring the first Class B Motorhome featuring an automotive-grade lithium ion system to market. The energy systems use automotive based large format lithium ion technology and advanced underhood generation that produces four times the energy with less noise, space, weight and charging time than traditional methods.

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Partnering with Holland Motor Homes to Offer Advanced RV Power

Volta Power Systems today announced the launch of retrofit lithium ion power systems through a strategic partnership with Holland Motor Homes. Volta’s automotive-grade lithium ion technology was previously only available to RV OEMs, however through the strategic partnership with Holland Motor Homes, RV owners can now upgrade their current RVs.

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Complete Systems for RVs

For RVs, Volta systems are available in two common configurations:

Volta Energy Storage Complete System

Complete Volta System

Typically for Class A and B motorhomes and configurable for some trailers, this system includes a high-voltage alternator for charging while underway. This system is fully scalable with additional inverters and converters for special applications or solar charging.

Volta Energy Storage Hybrid System

Hybridized Generator System

Available for all motorhomes or as a retrofit, a hybridized Volta system will cut generator time by up to 75%. Charging twice as fast as competitors, the Volta system offers reliable, secure power that can be scaled to your needs.

How Long Can I Run?

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