Quiet Power with Confidence

Li-ion Systems
for Marine

Safe, Clean Power for Boats

Run all the amenities you need including cabin A/C, lights, entertainment and your boat roll eliminator without the noise or exhaust of a generator.

  • Marine-grade safety
  • Scalable for pleasurecraft or commercial applications

Listen to the Water

Whether at the dock or on the water, experience clean power for whatever you need without the noise of your motor.

Powers amenities like AC & boat roll gyro

Eliminates air and noise pollution

Silent auxilliary power system

Eliminates need for a generator

Improve Marine Safety

Create a safer environment for every guest on your vessel without giving up comforts.

Eliminate the need for on-board generators or engine idling

Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Enjoy high-power amenities.

From cabin A/C to an on-board refrigerator to a boat roll/pitch eliminator, your Volta system can power your favorite electric amenities all day long.

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