Volta Power Systems Unveils myVolta Bluetooth App

Volta Power Systems unveiled the myVolta bluetooth-connected app today at the 2019 Winnebago Grand National Rally in Iowa. The app will offer Volta users greater insight into their power usage than ever before possible, all from the palm of the hand.

Integrated with the power system through the myVolta Bluetooth hardware, users can monitor their system stats including estimated run time remaining, pack temperature, charging status and power usage. The app will be available for download this fall for iPhone, iPad and Android devices when the Bluetooth hardware is slated to begin shipping.

“We designed the myVolta app with our customers in mind so they can receive real time data and helpful usage insights while near their RV,” said Jack Johnson, founder of Volta Power Systems. “It’s exciting to offer this cutting-edge technology because it brings an RV’s State of Charge (SOC) gauge out from the RV and into your hand.”

The new myVolta app was developed in partnership with Collective Idea, an award winning application and UI firm in Holland, MI. The app pairs devices with the power system through specially developed Bluetooth hardware, now available for pre-order on Volta’s website.

“As the leader in lithium-ion power systems, we’re always seeking ways to advance what’s possible for our industry,” Johnson said. “We created our systems for people who want to get the most out of their RV experience, and with the myVolta app, customers can make informed decisions about power usage to do just that.”

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