Holland BPW Rolls Out Hybridized Utility Truck Powered by Volta

Local partnership on the zero-emission power system enables the utility to reduce CO2, work quietly, and save on maintenance costs.

RELEASE – Holland Board of Public Works’ (HBPW) newest utility truck is cleaner, quieter, and less expensive to maintain thanks to a new partnership with Volta Power Systems, a local energy technology company. Equipped with an advanced li-ion auxiliary power system, lineworkers can work nearly all day on a single charge. HBPW’s investment in the clean technology truck, manufactured by Palfinger/ETI, represents an important step in aligning distribution operations with the Holland Community Energy Plan.

“Holland is one of the first communities in the country using this type of advanced energy technology to help our community meet energy efficiency and anti-idling goals,” said Dave Koster, HBPW general manager. “A good portion of the working hours of our bucket trucks is on idle. This technology will significantly reduce the overall emissions of the vehicle.”

hbpw hybridized utility truck

The HBPW hybridized utility truck

What’s in the hybridized utility truck?

The 13.2 kWh system runs hydraulic equipment, power tools, and exportable worksite power. The system charges from the alternator while driving to maximize engine efficiency; it also charges at the garage overnight without requiring specialized equipment. The vehicle will save the utility up to $14,000 per year in reduced fuel and maintenance costs while preventing about 42,000 lbs in CO2 emissions.

As an added benefit, the idle-free system enables the utility to run quietly for nighttime and emergency repair work with minimal disruption to sleeping neighborhoods.

A history of advanced energy in Holland

Volta Power Systems began in 2014 with a team of investors and entrepreneurs with experience in the development of li-ion drivetrain systems for hybrid cars and electric vehicles (EVs). The company expanded that core technology for application to broader markets including auxiliary power systems for RVs, boats, and work trucks.

“Over the past 15 years, Holland has seen the development of groundbreaking li-ion technology for EVs, and that same technology is at the heart of HBPW’s newest anti-idle system,” said Jack Johnson, co-founder and CTO at Volta Power Systems. “We’re really grateful to see the benefits of our community’s R&D investments come full circle back to Holland through this local partnership.”

HBPW line worker operates the boom without idling

HBPW’s truck began service in July. Though residents are unlikely to hear the truck idling, they can pick it out from the Idle-Free Hybrid decal on the side of the truck. For more information, visit Holland BPW’s website at https://hollandbpw.com/.

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