Matco taps Volta Power Systems for Mobile Retail Trucks

San Diego, CA – Volta Power Systems and Summit Bodyworks today announced a new partnership with Matco Tools to offer an idle-free, lithium ion power system to Matco franchisees. Matco Tools released a new line of trucks featuring the energy-saving systems this week at its National Tool Expo Conference in San Diego, CA. The Volta systems will enable Matco Tool Franchisees to save on maintenance costs and provide their shoppers a quiet retail environment by eliminating the need to continually idle their truck.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our franchisees and customers a better, quieter, more environmentally-conscious shopping and selling experience, the Volta system will also help our Franchisees cut maintenance costs by cutting the strain of continuous engine idling.”

Tim Gilmore, President of Matco Tools

As of August 2019, over half of all U.S. states have idling-reduction or restrictive emissions laws. In addition to environmental impact, fuel and oil changes can cost more than $8,300 per year for mobile retail trucks just from idling alone according to some estimates.

“Our team is ecstatic to be able to partner with Matco and help them move their fleet into the future of energy, making sure they have all the idle-free power they’ll need to keep their business running smoothly wherever they are.”

Jack Johnson, CEO & co-founder of Volta Power Systems

The all-day power system includes an automotive grade, NMC lithium ion storage pack that will provide Matco trucks with 18,000 Whs of storage and 3.6 kW of 120 AC (30A). The system provides all the energy operators need to power air conditioning, lighting, computer systems and more. Franchisees can recharge their systems overnight and take the power with them during the day.

“We’ve been building mobile tool stores for over 30 years, and we’re always looking for ways to empower our clients through innovative technologies. Partnering with Volta to give Matco Tools a cost-effective, green fleet solution is alignment with our mission.”

Chris Munson, General Manager at Summit Bodyworks

To reduce the health and environmental hazards of idling emissions, many states are implementing aggressive anti-idling regulations, which means vehicle fleets need to adapt quickly. However, more than just meeting the letter of the law, taking your fleet idle-free makes economic and employment sense too.

Understand the Cost of Idling

About Volta Power Systems

Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems builds complete lithium ion energy systems for virtually any mobile application including RV, utility and work trucks, marine, and other specialty vehicles. Their complete automotive-grade systems give their clients access to the highest-performing advanced energy systems available on the market. For more information visit:

About Summit Bodyworks

Summit Bodyworks is a leader in the specialty vehicle industry with over 30 years’ experience building custom tool stores and other specialty vehicles. Summit Bodyworks is part of Transwest, a premier automotive provider in the U.S. – offering sales, parts, service, and finance for nearly every segment of the transportation industry. For more information visit:

About Matco Tools

Matco Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of professional-quality automotive repair tools with nearly 75 years of experience. Matco utilizes a network of independent franchised mobile distributors that operate in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Puerto Rico. For more information visit:

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