Leading Volta’s Customer Experience and Embracing Autonomy

While they’re often unseen by our customers and fans, there are many team members that make Volta go ‘round! This will be the first in a series of Volta employee highlights, giving everyone a peek behind the curtain at the people who truly make Volta happen.

Today we want to introduce a particularly amazing member of the Volta team, Eric Mercer, our Director of Customer Experience.

Eric leads a skilled group of five technical service team members, but his Volta career didn’t start there. When he first joined our team, Eric held the role of a technical writer (if you’ve ever found a Volta manual helpful, you can thank Eric!). As his role here progressed and our company grew, he found himself more drawn to customer service and, in particular, the customer experience.

His primary goal is to work closely with our end-users, dealerships and OEMs and is committed to ensuring every customer interaction is positive. It also involves figuring out what educational materials will most benefit our customers and anyone else who’s interested in how Volta systems work. From our videos to handouts to FAQs and more, Eric has a hand in it all.

Eric Mercer, Volta’s Director of Customer Experience

In fact, creating our FLEX user manual is the project Eric credits as his greatest professional accomplishment at Volta. While he’d worked in automotive developing and updating manuals in the past, this was the first one he’d truly gotten to build from the ground up. He says he loved making his vision for the manual come to life, especially knowing how much an educational tool like that can help people looking for answers.

When we asked him what his favorite thing about working at Volta was, he initially joked, “The free seltzer and soda in the break room!” But then his real answer came to light: autonomy.

“[Volta’s leadership] is great at putting people in the right spot,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Just do the right thing, and do it well.’ There’s a lot of trust in the employees to do our jobs right, and we don’t have to constantly ask for permission. If we see an area we can improve, we’re encouraged to go ahead and take care of it. The leadership team is great at having our backs.”

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