Our Triple Bottom Line


Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is more than just environmental policies; it’s a holistic commitment to healthy products and business practices that create a positive outcome for all of our stakeholders. As such, we resonate with a growing movement of leading, global businesses employing a Triple Bottom Line of environmental, social and governance practices when defining success.


Volta believes in promoting the growth, social connections and health of every person who interacts with our team, products and business.

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Within Our Team

We support every employee in developing their skills, whether through coaching and mentoring or direct financial investment into higher education. Every person we hire contributes to our team at a high level, both toward the advancement of our products and the diversity of our culture.

Our team focuses on continuous improvement, and we regularly celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and the company as we learn, grow and succeed together.

In Our Communities

Volta is also committed to our communities, both in our hometown of Holland, Michigan and the virtual community of our customers and end users across the country. Through direct communications, influencer outreach and continuous relationship-building, we create a positive environment of sharing around our environmentally-conscious, freedom-enabling products.

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Human Health & Safety

In addition to fostering a culture of safety excellence in our business operations, we are proud that our products improve human health and safety for our users too. Noise and exhaust from generators create risks for campers, boaters and fleet operators by degrading situational awareness and negatively impacting human health with noxious fumes. Our products mitigate or eliminate those impacts.

For RVers and boaters, this means breathing easy when enjoying the natural world. For work trucks, it means protecting the safety of employees and minimizing disruption to neighbors when working.


Volta’s products and business practices directly contribute to a more sustainable future. As a team of technologists and lovers of the natural world, environmental responsibility is woven throughout everything we do.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Our systems directly eliminate the need for fossil fuel generators in mobile applications. When paired with renewable charging sources, whether from the grid or from mobile solar, our products enable a fully emission-free experience. What’s more, they enable greater thermal efficiency for fossil-fuel engines by utilizing waste energy to charge while driving.

Since our founding, Volta has eliminated over 2000 generators from the road, preventing as much as 25 million pounds of CO2, NOX and SOX emissions to the atmosphere.

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Reducing Noise Impacts

Volta systems allow users to operate without the noise pollution caused by generators or idling. RVers can now camp and explore the natural world off-grid with minimal disruption to natural habitats or wildlife. Volta’s products enable RV customers to align with the growing Leave No Trace movement.

Business Sustainability

Just as we help our customers meet sustainability goals, we’re also passionate about continuous improvement in the environmental sustainability of our manufacturing processes. Examples of our sustainable business practices include:

  • Comprehensive waste reduction and recycling policies
  • Food waste composting
  • 4 kWh Rooftop Solar Generation
  • Energy capture and re-use in battery testing


We believe profitability and excellent financial performance are critical to drive value for all of our stakeholders, not just shareholders. More than profit, we see prosperity as the measure of financial sustainability in creating value for our customers, employees, investors, vendors and the communities we serve.

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Customer Success

For our OEM customers, Volta serves as a unique differentiator in the market. No other supplier delivers the same performance, safety and value while meeting sustainability goals. Our customers know us for our ability to help them advance their products, take leadership in the market and drive greater revenue than ever before.

Employee Growth

Volta reinvests a large portion of our margins into the continued growth and development of our company and team. We believe our employees deserve access to excellent benefits, compensation, development resources and financial support for higher education.

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Supplier Partnerships

We are a relationship-driven company and believe in growing together with our suppliers. Our suppliers and service teams know us for this commitment to growth and continuous improvement, and they benefit from stable, long-term partnerships based on trust and honesty.

Community Investment

Volta believes in giving back to the community that has supported our foundation and success. Our team participates in volunteerism and charitable giving for nonprofit organizations across our region.

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