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Introducing myVolta Cloud

Monitor Your Volta System Virtually Anywhere!

With the latest update for the myVolta app, you can connect to myVolta Cloud, which gives you:

  1. The ability to monitor your system from virtually anywhere*
  2. Notifications for any alerts, status changes or low battery levels
  3. Peace of mind knowing everything is safe and working while you’re away from the vehicle

*Note: Using myVolta Cloud requires two internet-connected devices, one of which must remain connected with Bluetooth to the Volta module.

How myVolta Cloud Works

  1. Two devices must have the myVolta app downloaded, be signed into the same Volta account and have consistent internet access through data, campground WIFI, an in-van router, etc.
  2. The device synced with the Volta module resides in the vehicle, within Bluetooth range of the module.
  3. The synced device will send system information to the myVolta Cloud, allowing the second, unconnected device to access system data anywhere it can connect to the internet.

How to Set Up myVolta Cloud

Update your myVolta App to get started!

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