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BUILT Systems and Volta Power Systems Launch Powered Mobile Workstations

(HOLLAND, MICH.) – BUILT Systems and Volta Power Systems today announced the launch of flexible manufacturing workstations designed to innovate the advanced manufacturing industry through distributive energy.  BUILT Systems’ versatile industrial work tables for manufacturing assembly lines, paired with the latest in advanced lithium ion storage technology from Volta Power Systems, represent the future of manufacturing.

Volta Power Systems’ automotive-grade advanced energy systems provide the power for BUILT’s mobile workstations. Without the traditional restrictions and costs of hard-wired power, BUILT’s new systems reduce the cost of infrastructure changes and create new manufacturing efficiencies.

“The mobile workstations defy the rules of traditional fixed infrastructure manufacturing,” Jack Johnson, co-founder of Volta said. “The systems could save companies tens of thousands in initial investment in facility power and pneumatic distribution or allow companies to utilize spaces lacking traditional infrastructure for a lower cost.”

The new workstations are part of BUILT’s ATE line. The line includes a variety of sizes and features that are customizable for all manufacturers.  Features like adjustable height, fans, programmable switches, monitor mounts, anti-vibration leveling mounts or casters and up to 30 amps of 120 VAC power that can power any traditional hand assembly tool. The new systems are fully networked and provide data for IOT. The systems supply enough energy to operate up to six fully loaded workstations in an assembly line for over 16 hours of production and can recharge in about an hour.

“Our systems enable a high degree of equipment and assembly flexibility by enabling manufacturers to move, rearrange or change out entire work stations at any time,” said Brad Schaefer, Engineer BUILT systems.

The ATE systems includes a 6.7 kWh Volta power system based on automotive-grade lithium ion technology. Volta’s solutions provide the highest energy density lithium ion on the market today, technology that was previously available only to automotive manufacturers. Volta’s products provide more energy with less noise, space, weight, and charging time than traditional alternatives.

They also are designed to provide a minimum of 10 years of service, with 80% of original capacity remaining after that period.

The workstations include fully automated control and monitoring solutions that enable users to monitor energy supply and status through CAN communication protocols. CAN communication allows companies to see power consumption per line, pack performance and an entirely new level of IOT opportunities.

“We’re proud and excited to partner with BUILT Systems and see how the concept of distributed energy storage across the manufacturing environments will change our world,” Jack Johnson, co-founder of Volta said.

BUILT Systems previewed the new workstation in 2017 at The Assembly Show. “We had over double our usual amount of leads with the new powered workstation,” Schaefer said. “The lithium ion powered ATE line will fill a gap for manufacturers across industries who are growing quickly and need to make on-demand adjustments to production layout.”

About Volta Power Systems

Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems provides safe, powerful and simple lithium ion energy storage solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Manufacturers trust Volta to deliver leading-edge power systems that enhance the lifestyle, freedom and comfort of their end users.

About Built Systems

BUILT produces rugged, flexible, and height adjustable manufacturing work tables, conveyors and specialty work spaces for today’s modern production floors. BUILT is known for developing rigid, adaptable production work environments to meet the shifting demands of the manufacturing industry. BUILT was founded in 2013 and is a daughter company of OMT-Veyhl USA. For more information visit: www.builtsystems.net


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