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Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovations Through Engineering

“Volta” is more than a company name — we’re a team of individuals with diverse skills and passions that drive us to innovate. In this installment of our employee highlights series, we turn the spotlight on Kirk Chapman, Vice President of Advanced Engineering. Let’s delve into his story and the pivotal role he plays in influencing the growth of our company.

Kirk’s journey to the forefront of advanced engineering is as diverse as the skill set required for his role. Starting as a carpenter, he transitioned through civil engineering, computing, and eventually focused on electrical engineering. His education at Lawrence Tech and 25+ years in the field equipped him with the knowledge and experience needed to lead in his role.

Kirk’s Volta journey began when we were still small, just two tiny offices tucked away in a manufacturing building. With a history of working for both small companies and industry giants, Kirk faced a crucial decision: stick with the Big 3 automotive corporate environment, or roll the dice with Volta.

Kirk Chapman, Vice President of Advanced Engineering
Kirk Chapman, Volta’s Vice President of Advanced Engineering

Fueled by the opportunity to pursue his passion and influence the rapidly evolving mobile electrification industry, Kirk emailed the Volta team on a whim, and the rest is history.

As the Vice President of Advanced Engineering, Kirk’s role involves researching and testing new technologies, trying to find the “next big thing” in electrification. Kirk never lost his love of getting his hands dirty and diving head-first into new technology. He loves that he gets to “play in the sandbox,” exploring emerging tech first-hand and staying ahead.

Ask Kirk about his top professional accomplishment and he’ll proudly point you to launching our FLEX system. From concept to launch, Kirk led the entire design process for this core piece of Volta tech — from assembling the team to testing, design verification, product validation, and ultimately the final go-live.

If there’s one thing he loves about working at Volta, it’s the people. “The people are great, and it’s amazing to have such great friends where you work. Knowing you can rely on each other,” he said. “If you want a great product, it comes down to the people. Great people build great products, and our team’s a perfect example of that.”

As Kirk continues shaping Volta’s future through evolving technology, his journey stands as an inspiration for those who believe in the power of innovation and collaboration. Here’s to many more years of success and groundbreaking achievements as part of the Volta team!

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