Volta Power Systems Launches All-in-One Power Distribution Hub

The Power Distribution Hub simplifies li-ion system integration for fleet and RV makers, reducing production time and costs

Press Release: Volta Power Systems, a leading supplier of mobile li-ion power systems, has announced the release of their new Power Distribution Hub. Volta developed the all-in-one distribution unit to meet the needs of RV manufacturers in simplifying li-ion system integration. The Power Distribution Hub contains all the necessary equipment and ports for charging, AC and DC outputs, and MPPT solar control while reducing the total footprint required for integration. So far, the company is offering a base unit for a 30 amp shore power experience and will launch a 50 amp version early in 2023.

Volta launched the integrated solution first with Airstream on the E1 Package for Interstate and Atlas touring coaches in the summer. Paired with Volta’s energy storage pack and under-the-hood generation, the Power Distribution Hubs will integrate either Volta’s 3200W or 8000W inverter/charger with configurable space for DC conversion and MPPT solar charging.

„As a trusted partner in the leading Class B brands, including Winnebago, Storyteller Overland, Tiffin and Airstream, our end goal is to provide RVers and OEs with the simplest and best ‚green camping‘ solution that seamlessly integrates into a vehicle. We want to make advanced energy accessible, effective and easy to use,“ said Jack Johnson, CTO of Volta Power Systems. „This new product is a great example of collaborative efforts built upon trust. We are proud to continue developing new products that save our customers time during installation. The Power Distribution Hub provides the same emission-reduction and improved comfort with less wiring complexity and reduced labor costs.” 

With the Power Distribution Hub launch, Volta is positioned for growth in key fleet and RV markets where clean, mobile power adds the most value, including Class As and towables. Along with the company’s NITRO system, which generates exportable power from tow vehicles, the new hub will reduce complexity and costs for integration in towable RVs, where industry margins have traditionally been tighter, preventing li-ion options.

“It’s all about maximizing accessibility to clean, high-performance technology,” Johnson said. “By enabling more RVs with automotive-grade energy storage, we’re enabling RVers to camp anywhere without compromising on noise or emissions.”

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