Introducing Volta FLEX

Volta Power Systems Releases New Flagship Power System, FLEX 

The new Li-ion Storage Pack & Battery Management System improves performance, user experience, and OE integration process

[Press Release] Volta Power Systems has announced FLEX, its newest line of engineered li-ion energy solutions for RV, work truck, and specialty vehicle markets. At the heart of the new system offering, the FLEX energy storage pack features a redesigned case, heating pads, and a proprietary battery management system (BMS). Volta drew on user and OE feedback to adapt and add features for improved cold-weather performance, more flexible controls, additional data capabilities, and error-proof connectors for faster installation.

The FLEX System

FLEX represents Volta’s complete system including generation, storage, and distribution. As with previous Volta systems, FLEX scales in increments of 3.3 kWh modules with multiple pack sizes. These can work independently or together to meet the needs of virtually any mobile application. The system can charge while driving from Volta alternators for under-the-hood generation on most US truck chassis from 6 kW to 11kW. And, an array of DC converters and AC inverter options can provide 110V, 220V, or 208V 3-phase distribution.

“Customer feedback is the heartbeat of innovation at Volta. The diversity of industries we serve creates a great opportunity to learn and cross-apply feedback to strengthen our products,” said Jack Johnson, co-founder and CTO. “Process-based innovation is a lesson hard-learned in our team’s deep automotive industry experience, and FLEX is a great example of listening, predicting, and exceeding the needs of customers.”

Battery Management System (BMS)

Volta’s FLEX allows users to take advantage of the latest BMS, enabling an end-to-end software and hardware system fully supported by Volta’s expert team. The newest BMS provides enhanced battery monitoring and control for customers while integrating heating solutions that use internal energy to heat the system faster for improved cold-weather performance, along with adaptable IO capability to flex to our diverse customer’s needs.  

“For the FLEX, we worked hard to continue improving safety, performance, and reliability that our customers count on,” said Johnson. “We’re grateful to customers for their continued honest feedback and collaborative improvement of our power systems that have allowed us to sustainably grow into the company we are.”

The announcement of FLEX as Volta recently announced a new partnership with Grand Design, a leading manufacturer of RV towables. Volta roughly doubled its sales in 2021, expanding its manufacturing space to twice it’s footprint. The company projects revenue will double again in 2022.

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