Lithium-Ion Power Systems

Complete Mobile Power Systems

More than a battery, our systems represent everything you need to integrate advanced energy storage into your RV, yacht, coach, utility truck or virtually any mobile application. We set out to redefine the industry by pursuing the first-ever automotive-grade, lithium ion solution for smaller OEM markets.

Automotive-Grade Solutions

With top performance and safety as uncompromising goals we developed plug-n-play scalable systems using high-density, nickel manganese cobalt batteries.

These outperform “consumer-grade” lithium ion competitors with about two times the effective storage and take up one third the space of AGM lead acid batteries. What’s more, they’ll last the lifetime of a vehicle, service anywhere and can withstand cold storage.

A New Standard for Li-Ion Power Systems

2× Power with 1/3  Volume and 1/6 Weight

Experience more power. Volta systems leverage automotive-grade technology and the highest energy density on the market to deliver double the power in 1/3 of the space and 1/6 of the weight.

Scalable, Plug & Play Solutions

Our plug & play solutions are scalable in 3.3 kWh increments and can seamlessly integrate into your base design without the need for specialized engineering.

Lasts the Lifetime of the Vehicle

With five times the life expectancy of traditional batteries, Volta’s energy storage solutions are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

7 Layers of Safety

Meeting stringent standards and practices learned from years in the automotive industry, we employ a unique and proven approach that is a key differentiator for Volta over other mobile energy storage providers.

Complete Solutions

Volta Power solutions extend beyond that of energy storage—each of our components are engineered for high-performance applications and can adapt to fit any system.

Storage Pack

Boasting the highest energy density in the industry, the Volta energy storage pack has over twice the effective storage as it’s closest lithium ion competitors. Available in 3.3 kWh increments, the pack is modular and scalable for any application. Our specs speak for themselves:


Our line of lightweight 58V alternators are 4x times more powerful (and significantly lighter) than traditional 12V solutions in the same size.  Installed in combination with our fast-charge storage packs, they can charge most of our systems in under 2 hours or less. We have alternators that will fit about any solution big or small.  It is air-cooled and comes in an optional J-180 mount or a pad mount ready to fit any standard engine.


Ranging from 40 amps to 250 amps, our continuous output DC Converters are easily configurable for any system (12V, 24V or something else) with peak capabilities of nearly two times the standards rating. They can retrofit into almost any existing electrical architecture.


Custom-designed in partnership with Sensata, our high-efficiency 3.6 kW Inverter produces a pure sine, low frequency 120V AC output with 30 amps shore power equivalent. Capable of motor starts up to 1.5 HP, it can fire up two RV-style air conditioners at once. Did we also mention it’s lighting-fast charging capability? Read the spec sheet for more.

AC Compressor

With Volta’s AC Compressor, you can run your vehicle’s A/C for hours without idling. The compressor system not only works with any vehicle factory A/C, but is customizable to fit each OE. The capacity ranges from low to high and everything in between. Read the spec sheet for more:

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