Lithium-Ion Power Systems

Access More Capability than Ever Before

We provide small and mid-market businesses with access to the same lithium-ion technology that automakers have spent years and billions of dollars developing. Skip the R&D and implement proven technology, scalable to virtually any mobile application.

Engineered for your application

In alignment with automotive-grade performance, we design every Volta system to meet the specific goals of your application. Whether it’s for RV, yacht, work truck or a custom vehicle, our systems create a lasting experience with the reliability and flexibility you would expect from shore power.

Scalable Storage, Generation & Distribution 

Built on a module-based platform, a Volta system can meet any capacity need from 3.3kWh through over 100kWh. The scalable approach also means you can customize solar and under-the-hood generation to match charging needs and distribute power through a system of pure-sine AC/DC inverters (120V, 240V and 208V three-phase) and DC conversion to any voltage you need.


Green & Quiet

Volta systems deliver a green experience without compromising performance. With real power capacity, the system fully replaces or significantly reduces the need for generators or idling. Volta users enjoy all the power they need to work or roam without noise or air pollution.

Automotive Grade

Consumer-grade lithium ion products like laptops, phones and toys are designed only to last a couple years and provide relatively low voltages for light electronics use. On the other hand, Automotive-grade lithium ion technology uses a more robust chemistry designed with higher density for heavier workloads, more cycles and over 10 years of life. No other auxiliary power system manufacturer has the same technology as Volta.

Performance Data & Features

Energy Storage Packs

Power more and go longer with the highest energy density available on the market, a critical differentiator for maximizing space in mobile applications. Volta energy packs utilize Nickel Manganese Cobalt lithium ion cells, the same reliable, robust and safe chemistry used for drivetrains in EVs and PHEVs.  


Our line of lightweight 58V alternators are 4x times more powerful (and significantly lighter) than traditional 12V solutions in the same size.  Installed in combination with our fast-charge storage packs, they can charge most of our systems in under 2 hours or less. We have alternators that will fit about any solution big or small.  It is air-cooled and comes in an optional J-180 mount or a pad mount ready to fit any standard engine.

Pure Sine Inverter

Our high-efficiency 3.6 kWh inverter produces a pure sine, low frequency 120V AC output with 30 amps shore power equivalent. Capable of motor-starts up to 1.5 HP, it can fire up two RV-style air conditioners at once. Larger systems can easily scale up using multiple or distributed inverters as needed.

DC Converter & Chargers 

Ranging from 40 amps to 250 amps, our continuous output DC Converters are easily configurable for any system (12V, 24V or something else) with peak capabilities of nearly two times the standards rating. Our 12V to 58V & 58V to 12V Volta chargers provide customized charge profiles. Each can retrofit into almost any existing electrical architecture.

A/C Compressor

Run your vehicle’s air conditioning for hours without idling. The compressor system not only works with any vehicle’s factory A/C, but is customizable to fit each OE. Volta’s high-efficiency compressor complies with all state anti-idle/noise restrictions, reduces fuel consumption and cuts emissions.

myVolta Bluetooth Hardware Kit

The My Volta BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device kit enables a user to connect with the Volta system information. Pair this device with the free myVolta app to view performance data, temperature information, warnings, and faults or errors. 

Get Volta for RV

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