Energy Storage Solutions

Total freedom to roam or work from a complete energy system

More than a battery, our energy storage systems represent everything you need to integrate lithium ion storage into your RV, yacht, coach, utility truck or virtually any mobile application. Watch the video to learn more.


Complete Mobile Energy Storage Systems

In addition to energy storage battery packs, Volta has engineered a turn-key solution that includes alternator generation, AC/DC inversion and DC conversion to serve virtually any power need you have.

Recent News

Samsung NeuroLogica & Winnebago partner with Volta on Mobile Lung Scanner

Winnebago Industries, Inc and Samsung Neurologica have partnered with Volta Power Systems to develop long-range mobile CT clinics by leveraging advanced energy storage. The new technology enables the clinic to reach underserved, rural areas and operate all day without a generator or connection to shore power.

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Volta and ETI Equip OG&E with Hybrid Work Truck

Volta Power Systems and ETI, a Palfinger company, have partnered to equip Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) with the first-ever hybrid bucket work truck using automotive-grade lithium ion technology. The auxiliary power system allows the utility to expand its green fleet and cut down on idling without sacrificing on power.

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Winnebago and Volta Power Systems Announce Generator-Free 2019 Travato

Winnebago has partnered with Volta Power Systems to produce the first ever generator-free Travato Class B RV. Volta’s lithium ion energy storage system will come standard on the 2019 Travato (models 59KL and 59GL), fully replacing the need for a generator.

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Volta Energy Storage Complete System

More Power

We leverage the highest energy density on the market to deliver 5x the life in 1/3 the space with 1/6 the weight of traditional systems.

Scalable, Plug & Play Systems

Customizable in 3.3 kWh increments and amendable over time, Volta systems seamlessly integrate into your base design.

Lasts the Lifetime of the Vehicle

Volta energy storage packs far exceed the life expectancy of traditional battery systems and are virtually maintenance-free.

7 Layers of Safety

Meeting stringent standards and practices learned from years in the automotive industry, we employ a unique and proven approach that is a key differentiator for Volta over other mobile energy storage providers.

Industry Solutions

Volta power systems are great fit for users and OEMs who value best-in-class performance, uncompromised safety, and total freedom to roam or work.

Volta RV Lithium Ion Energy Storage


Volta systems empower RV owners to experience the road with more. More aux power, more amenities and more possibilities.

Volta Coach Lithium Ion Energy Storage


Luxury and passenger coaches with Volta benefit from higher passenger comfort, power for more amenities and increased driver experience.

Volta Marine Lithium Ion Energy Storage


With Volta, yacht and sailboat owners enjoy a quieter, more comfortable experience in addition to a reliable, redundant power source.

Volta Utility Work Truck Lithium Ion Energy Storage

Utility/Hydraulics & Industrial Work

Utility vehicles and industrial applications need serious power to do real work. Volta’s workhorse lithium ion systems have all the power you need to get the job done.

Volta Over the Road Truck Lithium Ion Energy Storage

Over-the-Road Trucking

Volta systems will help you meet anti-idling requirements while also increasing the satisfaction, health and safety of drivers.

Volta Custom Lithium Ion Energy Storage

Custom Solutions

As a fully scalable, plug-n-play system, Volta is flexible to meet virtually any energy storage application including home/business backup power, mobile command centers, remote industrial needs and even video production trailers!

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