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Say Yes to Power, No to Idling.

Li-ion Systems
for Fleets

optimize your sustainability

Win for the environment and your budget

Maximize your ROI with a hybridized system that addresses your biggest sources of work truck emissions: idling and generators.

  • Hybridize several vehicles for the cost of one full-EV system
  • Cut 70%+ of work truck fleet emissions
  • Meet SORE compliance by eliminating the need for a generator
  • Achieve full ROI in as little as 1-2 years

Volta offers the greatest CO2 reductions per dollar spent.

Safe, quiet

No fumes. No noise. No angry neighbors. Complete work whenever and wherever you need to without disrupting those around your worksite.

Power Your FLEET

Rely on powerful simplicity.

Invest in a nearly maintenance-free, reliable system that provides the power you need.

Fly hydraulic boom

Run or charge your tools like drills, welders or saws

Access power at the push of a button

Run cabin A/C without idling

Rapid ROI

Invest in your fleet, not charging infrastructure.

Take surplus budget for special charging infrastructure and invest it elsewhere.

Charges through standard 120V or 240V outlet

Charges through secondary alternator

Li Ion Power Systems for RVs

Driving Value for OEMs

COMPLETE Engineering Support from a Caring Team

Complete engineering and design services.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified, US-based manufacturing.

Post-sales and training support.

Exacting standards for technology and performance.

Utility Vehicle

  • Eliminate or reduce idling for entire fleet
  • Scalable and works on any chassis
  • Silent power source for completing work without disruptive noise
  • All-day work power on a single charge
  • Powerful system enables flying boom, operating welders, cabin A/C and other high-draw power tools
  • ROI in under two years


Case Study: Holland Board of Public Works

A municipal utility partnered with Volta and Palfinger on aerial truck with an all-electric auxilliary power system that cut 70%+ of vehicle emissions. The truck will reach ROI in under two years from fuel and maintenace savings.

Read the Case Study

Fire Apparatus

  • Zero-emission auxiliary power units (APUs) eliminates generator and idling
  • Scalable and works on any chassis
  • Reduces apparatus fuel and maintenance costs by reducing engine idle time
  • Reduced site noise for improved safety at emergency site
  • ROI in under two years


Case Study: Toronto Fire Services

Dependable Emergency Vehicles and Volta Power Systems collaborated to develop fire trucks for Toronto Fire Services with zero-emission auxiliary power units (APUs) that cut idling time and the need for on-scene generators. The reduced noise and pollution also improves safety, clearer communications and promotes a calmer emergy scene.

Read the Case Study

Specialty Vehicle

  • Custom-engineered to meet any mobile power application
  • Retrofit to current vehicles and trailers, or upfit new ones
  • Eliminate emissions from generators or idling
  • Access significant mobile power without requiring specialized charging infrastructure


Case Study: Draxxon Drones

Volta Power Systems, a leading supplier of auxiliary advanced energy systems, partnered with specialty vehicle manufacturer Draxxon on their DX-816 fully-electric towable drone command center, the first of its kind in the industry.

Read the Case Study

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