Looking for an RV with Volta Power Systems or interested in retrofitting your RV with Volta?

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Interested in partnering with us to offer Volta technology on your vehicles? Call us at 616.226.4222 or send us an email, and we will do our best to get back within 24 hours.

Volta is also seeking qualified RV dealers and aftermarket shops to integrate Volta systems as retrofit partners. With a rising demand for total freedom to roam, Volta needs more forward-thinking partners that offer our automotive-grade technologies. To learn more about working together, give us a ring or send us an email.

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We welcome your emails and do our best to reply within about 24 hours. Before you click the submit button, try looking through our FAQ below.

Volta Power Systems

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Phone: 616.226.4222

Volta Power Systems


Can I buy a system directly from Volta? Where do I get pricing information?

Volta Power Systems are only available new through OEMs or for retrofit on an existing vehicle through our authorized network of retrofit dealers for both RVs and worktrucks.

Find OEM Partners and Retrofit Dealers

Can I buy just your Alternator? Or can I buy just one of your Storage Packs?

Unfortunately, no. Volta equipment is sold only as part of a complete system through authorized retrofitters and new from our OEM partners.

What’s the difference between Automotive Grade and Consumer Grade?

While there are actually seven common types of lithium ion batteries on the market, most of the systems for vehicle auxiliary power are lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries working at a traditional 12 volts. This common chemistry is also found in many consumer electronics including phones, toys, general consumer products and lead acid replacement batteries. We refer to these as Consumer Grade.

Volta systems utilize a different chemistry, Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC). This is the same lithium ion chemistry used to power electric and hybrid vehicles like the Chevy Volt or Tesla Model S. Beyond our different lithium ion chemistry, Volta leverages deep experience in a multi-billion dollar automotive industry to ensure our systems are safer and perform better than any competitor. We call this Automotive Grade.

Do you offer a 12-Volt version of your system to work with my 12-Volt equipment?

Through our DC converter, you can count on our system to run any 12V appliances or lighting installed in your vehicle. However, we do not offer a 12V version of the Volta storage system, nor will our energy storage pack or alternator work well with an existing 12V energy storage system. We designed our system around a 58V standard to deliver higher performance and longer life than traditional lead acid systems or competing 12V li-ion systems.

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