Cab comfort without idling.

LI-ION Systems For
Over-the-Road Trucks

Cut Vehicle Idling

Take Power on the Road

Upfit or retrofit your trucks with a custom Volta system to eliminate or reduce idling, increase comfort and see a rapid ROI. Our hybridized systems can power the comforts of your cab with the touch of a button.

  • Quiet, all-night A/C without engine idling or running a noisy generator
  • Power on-board 120V appliances like fridges, TVs, gaming consoles, CPAP machines and more
  • No special charging equipment required

Powerful, Simple Upfit Solutions

No fumes. No noise. Just comfort. Just push the “ON” button and access more power with less space and weight.

Rapid ROI

Invest in your fleet, not charging infrastructure.

Volta systems pay for themselves in less than two years while maximizing your budget. No special charging infrastructure = more budget to invest elsewhere.

Charges through secondary alternator while driving

Optional charging through standard 120V or 240V outlet

Creating Value for Upfitters & Fleet Operators

Complete engineering support from a caring team.

Complete engineering and design services.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified, US-based manufacturing.

Exceptional post-sales and training support.

Exacting standards for technology and performance.

Self-contained System

Your Volta system turns on with the push of a button and automatically charges while driving, idling or connected to shore power.

6.9 kWh FLEX Storage Pack

415A 14V Secondary Alternator

3K Bi-directional DC-DC Converter

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