Power System Specifications

Li Ion Power Systems for RVs

Gain access to the real deal.

We provide small and mid-market businesses with access to the same lithium-ion technology that automakers have spent years and billions of dollars developing. That means you get:

  • Robust, proven technology without needing to invest in R&D
  • Automotive supply chain NMC li-ion modules
  • Uncompromised safety and rigorous testing to exacting standards

Scalable & customized
to your needs

Based on your needs for energy storage, charge speed, load and voltage, we engineer each system to provide an experience akin to the reliability and performance of shore power without compromising to noise or emissions:

  • Storage capacity from 3.3kWh – 100kWh+
  • Alternator charging 6,900W – 11,000W (or with multiples)
  • Custom MPPT solar controls
  • Distribution from 3,200W – 10,000W+ @120V, 240V, 208 3-Phase AC and 12V, 24V, 48V, or custom DC

Energy Storage Packs

Power more and go longer with the highest energy density available on the market, a critical differentiator for maximizing space in mobile applications. Volta energy packs utilize Nickel Manganese Cobalt lithium ion cells – the same reliable, robust and safe chemistry used for drivetrains in EVs and PHEVs.

Product Energy Storage Capacity Nominal Voltage Chemistry Spec Sheet
FLEX Energy Pack 6.9kWh – 100kWh+ 51V NMC Download
FLEX 6.9 kWh Pack 6.9kWh – 27kWh (expandable) 51V NMC Download



Each in our line of lightweight 58V alternators are 4x times more powerful than traditional 12V solutions in the same size. Installed in combination with our fast-charge storage packs, they can charge most of our systems in under 2 hours. Our alternators will fit about any solution, big or small.  They are air-cooled and come in an optional J-180 mount or a pad mount, ready to fit any standard engine.

Product Part # Mount Spec Sheet
6,900W Alternator 7KN62 Mercedes Download
9,000W Alternator 9KRPM, 9KF, 9KFTAN GM, Ford, Other Gas Download
11,000W Alternator 11KPAD, 11KJ180 Larger Diesels Download

Distribution, Conversion & Charging

All the power you need in whatever form you need it.

Product Function Part #
(if applicable)
Spec Sheet
Power Distribution Hub 30A Equivalent Inverter, Charger, Converter, Solar All-in-One PDH 30 Download
Power Distribution Hub 50A Equivalent Inverter, Charger, Converter, Solar All-in-One PDH 50 Download
3,000W Inverter-charger Inverter Download
3,600W Inverter-charger Inverter Call for Specs
7,000W Inverter-charger Inverter Download
48-12V 3,000W Bidirectional DC-DC Converter DC-DC Bidirectional Converter Download
48-24V 3,000W Bidirectional DC-DC Converter DC-DC Bidirectional Converter Download

Value Added Components

To better serve our customers and users, Volta Power Systems has developed an number of custom components that enhance connectivity, data and simplify vehicle integration.

Product Function & Notes Spec Sheet
LCD Color Display LCD Color Display Download
Bluetooth Hardware Kit Conversion Kit for Systems sold before Bluetooth standard Download
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