Go Small. Live Large!

Volta Power Systems has partnered with vanlife influencer Scott Watson of Go Small. Live Large! to serve as a brand ambassador. Watson will leverage his personal knowledge and experience with his Class B RV’s Volta lithium-ion system to educate both RV dealers and enthusiasts about the benefits of RVs with advanced energy systems.

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Li Ion Power Systems for RVs

Jason & Emma Walsmith

As traveling music lovers and storytellers, Jason and Emma Walsmith are vanlife enthusiasts touring the continental US in their Volta-equipped 2022 Storyteller Overland MODE LT van. They document their van adventures on their Instagram, @theracontourists, and share their travel videos on their YouTube channel, The Racontourists.

Volta Training for Dealers

As an official Volta Brand Ambassador, Scott Watson is an incredibly knowledgeable resource for OEMs selling RVs with a Volta system. Through our partnership, Scott provides free Volta training sessions for any interested dealers, OEMs and their staff.

His educational trainings will provide your team with the understanding and knowledge of Volta systems to help buyers make an informed decision about whether a Volta system is right for them.

Volta-Trained Winnebago Dealers

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