The True Cost of Idling for Work Trucks

Idling your work trucks may cost more than you think.

What is the true cost of idling a work vehicle? You’ve probably heard that vehicle idling negatively impacts the environment, but the impact of idling on the vehicle itself is often overlooked or disregarded as a myth. But the cost of idling is a very real expense for companies, and it adds up significantly over time.

Idling Cost Assumptions
Fuel cost per gallon [1]$3.06
Gallons burned per hour @ idle [2]0.9
Idle hours per day8
Weeks idling per year52
Costs per idling week$110.16
Idle cost per idling month$440.64
Total Idle Cost Per Year$5728.32
Idle hours per year2080
“Miles” per idle hour [3]25
Total Idle “Miles” Per Year52,000
Oil, Filter & Labor – Every 7,500 miles
or 300 hours [4, 5]
Air Filter – Change per indicator
(assume 15,000 miles or 600 hours) [6, 7]
Diesel Particulate Filter
(200,000 miles or 8,000 hours) [8, 9]
Total Savings from Cutting Idling (12 Months, Per Truck)
Fuel Savings$5,728.32
Oil & Filter (6 changes/year)$1,829.94
Air Filter (3 times/year)$300.00
Diesel Particulate Filter (change every 4 years)$500.00
Depreciation from Idling [10]$6,500.00
Total Annual Savings$14,858.26

In short, eliminating idling from your company’s work vehicles has the potential to save your company nearly $15,000 per vehicle per year in fuel savings, vehicle maintenance and depreciation.

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