What Makes Volta Power Energy Storage Systems Unique?

Volta Power Systems offers complete and configurable engineered solutions to meet all of your application needs. Energy storage solutions can be designed with your application in mind taking all of the guesswork out of figuring out what is needed.

Yes the initial investment is higher than a traditional lead acid AGM battery solution Volta enables capabilities and opportunities previous not possible with lead acid systems. The total cost of ownership and annual costs are significantly reduced with Volta Power Systems.

  • The Volta Power Systems uses the same technology found in hybrid and electric cars like the Tesla, and other OEM hybrids, that are currently not available for the Yacht and Coach markets. With Volta Power Energy Storage Systems you get the benefit of over $200M of research and development for the automotive industry for your energy storage system.
  • Completely American made: The major components of the Volta Power System are all produced in the United States.
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