Scott Watson’s Guide to the myVolta App

If you’ve been around for a while, you might be familiar with Scott Watson. A full-time RVer, Scott is most often recognized as the face of the YouTube channel Go Small. Live Large! where he shares the many ups and down of year-round vanlife.

Scott travels across the country in his Volta-equipped Winnebago Travato GL as a nomadic educator, both for Winnebago dealers and end-users. He brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to his YouTube audience, providing insight into the realities of life on the road.

One of the tools that has improved his vanlife experience? The myVolta app! With the app, users can access a wide array of Volta system insights including:

  • Pack temperature
  • Pack inflow/output rates
  • Estimated system time remaining
  • System charging status
  • & More!

Check out Scott’s video introducing the great utility of the myVolta app!

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