Volta-Powered Liberty Coach Featured in Jetset Magazine

Volta is excited to have been featured in an article in Jetset Magazine highlighting Liberty Coach’s luxury Class-A motorcoach, the Elegant Lady. The coach’s Volta system provides coach owners with more on-board storage space, reduces reliance on a generator or vehicle idling, and reduces the coach’s overall weight.

Check out what they had to say about Volta:

Over 40 years of technological leadership has led to breakthrough after breakthrough, each one significantly enhancing the coach’s efficiency and performance. Perhaps the most dramatic of these is the Volta Power Systems’ 58-volt automotive-grade lithium ion battery system that enabled Liberty Coach to become the first – and only – motorcoach convertor to meet the U.S. EPAʼs final Tier 4 emissions standards, the tough new guidelines now being phased in for gas and diesel-powered vehicles of all kinds.”

Jetset Magazine, “Penthouse on Wheels: Liberty Coach Redefines Motorcoach Luxury”
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