eNow and Volta Power Systems Debut Solar Electric Refrigerated Trailer

eNow and Volta Power Systems partnered to develop a solar electric refrigerated trailer. Solar panels and lithium ion battery packs power the trailer cooling system significantly reducing emissions, sound and operation expenses.

The 53-foot refrigerated trailer includes three of the largest Volta modules totaling 75 kWh of power, enough energy to run the trailer for a full day of deliveries. The lithium ion system is recharged by eNow‘s proprietary 5.4KW solar panels permanently adhered to the top of the trailer, and its patented charge controller. The advanced photovoltaic panels are lightweight and flexible, yet sturdy enough to withstand the natural elements. The battery bank can also charge on-site, using shore power during loading.

“Our case studies have shown that solar electric trailers can reduce operation and maintenance expenses by 90%,” said Jeff Flath, eNow president and CEO. “With over 500,000 refrigerated trailers in the U.S. alone, the savings combined with lower emissions can disrupt the refrigerated logistics industry.”

The solar electric system runs quietly and reduces both fuel costs and emissions. eNow case studies show that the solar electric trailers reduce 98% of nitrous oxide emissions, 86% of carbon dioxide and 97% in particulate matter.

“With over 75kWh of power available, the trailer can make all of the it’s stops for the day without the noise and emissions of a traditional diesel cooling system,” said Jack Johnson, co-founder Volta Power Systems. “Our system uses a third of the space and a sixth of the weight compared to traditional battery systems, meaning more space for product and lower fuel consumption.

The Volta Power packs utilize automotive-grade Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) technology to deliver the highest energy density on the market.

The solar electric trailer will debut at the Advanced Clean Transportation show in Long Beach, California the week of April 30th.

About Volta Power Systems

Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems provides safe, powerful and simple lithium ion energy storage solutions for small to mid-size businesses. RV, marine and specialty vehicle OEMs trust Volta to deliver leading-edge power systems that enhance the lifestyle, freedom and comfort of their end users.

For more information visit: www.voltaps.com


About eNow

eNow is an innovative, clean-technology company specializing in renewable energy systems. eNow was formed in 2011 to introduce advanced solar power technologies to the transportation industry. eNow designs and sells solar-powered idle-reduction systems for medium and heavy-duty vehicle applications. These products are designed to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, save energy, and reduce emissions. The company’s goal is to provide industry-specific solar solutions to companies that embrace profit, planet, and people. The company provides sustainable solutions to the increased regulatory requirements of its customers, while allowing them to realize a significant return on their investment. For more information, visit enowenergy.com

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