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Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems provides safe, powerful and simple lithium ion energy storage solutions for small to mid-size businesses. RV, marine and specialty vehicle OEMs trust Volta to deliver leading-edge power systems that enhance the lifestyle, freedom and comfort of their end users.

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Jack Johnson

Co-founder & Director of Operations

Jack Johnson is a seasoned expert of the Li ion battery industry, and a champion of Li ion technology education within the industry and the community. Johnson spent 16 years working on advanced materials and energy storage technology with Johnson Controls. In 2009, he was asked to lead development of the world’s first large-format, high-volume Li ion production facility in Holland, MI.

In 2014, he left Johnson Controls to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors to solve some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. Johnson holds two bachelors in mechanical engineering and science & technology.

Bill Cavanagh

Co-founder & Director of Engineering

Some engineers are made, others are born. Bill Cavanaugh is the latter. Growing up with a drive to understand how things work, Bill knew early on that he wanted to be an engineer. Tinkering with anything with a motor, escalated into Bill earning his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Northern Illinois University. In his over twenty years of experience, Bill has led and developed technology at companies like Motorola, Continental Automotive Systems, Leer Corporation and Johnson Controls.

Bill co-founded Volta in 2013 to address the need for reliable, tested and innovative technology in underserved industries. Bill is constantly striving for the highest levels of protection and perfection in Volta’s products. When he isn’t found in his lab trying to bring Volta’s products to the next level, he’s working with Volta’s partners to seamlessly integrate their products into Volta’s system.

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Volta Power Systems

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