Volta Power Systems Hires Wade Wyant as CEO

Volta Power Systems today announced that it has hired Wade Wyant as CEO. Already a longstanding strategic advisor to the company, Wyant transitioned to the CEO role in mid-October. In his new role, Wyant will lead the company through its next phase of growth, implementing key process improvements and focusing the company’s sales on the key markets of recreational vehicles and fleet / over-the-road trucking.

“Wade is absolutely the right choice for CEO of Volta during this period of transition and new market opportunity,” said Todd Ritter, board chairman at Volta. “He has strong people and leadership skills, coupled with decades of experience in scaling tech companies.”

Wyant is an experienced technology leader with over 30 years of executive and management experience, ten of which he served as CEO for ITS Partners. Prior to taking the new role, Wyant had been supporting Volta as a strategic advisor and consultant for over five years, which positioned him with an intimate knowledge of the business.

In addition to his strategic planning savvy, Volta’s partners picked Wyant for his unique leadership, technology and rapid growth experience.

“Volta is a unique energy storage company and our access to automotive li-ion technology positions us to deliver solutions that no one else can,” said Wyant. “We are excited to pursue a future of mobility that no longer needs idling in any form. Whether that’s RVs or over-the-road trucks, our technology electrifies everything but the drivetrain.”

This announcement comes as Volta prepares for new market growth and innovation in 2024. The company will be unveiling several new partnerships and announcements over the coming months including at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, Jan 17-21.

“I’m most excited about focusing our business on providing custom energy system solutions for RV-makers and over-the-road truck upfitters,” said Wyant. “Basically, for any mobile application where people need to sleep peacefully and safely overnight, we have the technology to make that happen.”

For more information or questions, please reach out to sales @ voltapowersystems.com.

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