Volta attends TMC Expo to highlight Hiab and WALTCO partnership

The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition is North America’s premier technical conference for trucking’s leading fleet professionals, vehicle manufacturers, and component suppliers.

For Volta, the 2019 meeting, held March 18-21, served as the second opportunity for the company to showcase its partnership with Hiab and WALTCO, highlighting a liftgate system powered by Volta. With a Volta system, the liftgates perform over 80 lifts on a single charge, moves product significantly faster than traditional gates, while lowering idle time and carbon emissions to meet anti-idle regulations.

“TMC’s annual meeting allowed us the opportunity to educate more people about how our technology can save them money and reduce emissions,” said Jack Johnson, co-founder of Volta Power Systems. “New idle regulations are restricting but Volta’s system provides a sustainable solution.”

Our systems can lift loads up to four times faster using a lighter, smaller and less fuel-hungry gate system. One charge can provide enough energy to power the gate for a whole week. Coupled with enough solar power, the system is almost stand alone capable. The system lasts the life of the truck and decreases downtime, requiring less maintenance and saving money otherwise spent on replacement batteries.

The 2019 TMC Annual Meeting served as the last expo we are attending this spring but keep an eye out for additional partnerships we are announcing soon!

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