Volta Power Systems Moves into New Holland Township Manufacturing Facility

HOLLAND, MI. –  Volta Power Systems, a leading producer of advanced energy systems, has moved into a new 15,000 ft² manufacturing facility located at 12550 Superior Court in Holland Township. 

Volta previously occupied a 7,800 ft² facility on James Street in Holland but needed more space to accommodate rapid growth among RV business customers. Volta will utilize 3,000 ft² of the space for offices and the remainder to manufacturing, R&D and fulfillment of their advanced energy systems.

“We are excited about the move and the growth we’ve experienced,” Johnson said. “This move validates the decisions we’ve made since our founding in 2014 and shows that our technology and its diverse benefits are the future of energy storage.”

Volta will initially fill half of the 30,000 ft² space, with the additional 15,000 ft² available for another tenant or additional future growth. Lakewood Construction built the facility, and also has a master plan for an additional 30,000 ft² for a total of 60,000 ft² when needed.

The new facility features two loading docks, high-efficiency LED lighting, natural lighting throughout and electrostatic discharge-reduced static flooring designed for safe electrical manufacturing work.

About Volta Power Systems

Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems provides safe, powerful and simple lithium ion energy storage solutions for small to mid-size businesses. RV, marine and specialty vehicle OEMs trust Volta to deliver leading-edge power systems that enhance the lifestyle, freedom and comfort of their end users. 

For more information visit: www.voltaps.com

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