Winnebago, Samsung NeuroLogica, and Volta Power Systems Partner on Mobile CT Clinic

Winnebago Industries, Inc and Samsung Neurologica have partnered with Volta Power Systems to develop long-range mobile CT clinics by leveraging advanced energy storage. The new technology enables the clinic to reach underserved, rural areas and operate all day without a generator or connection to shore power.

The mobile CT clinic will travel to areas with little or no access to life-saving CT technology to help identify conditions like lung cancer and lung disease. The clinic is housed in the J38S Winnebago commercial vehicle and harnesses a 120V Volta system supplying up to 30A and 10,800Wh of capacity – enough to power the HVAC, lighting and charging stations for cell phones and laptops inside the vehicle, and powerful enough to recharge the BodyTom Elite mobile CT system’s internal battery after 20 full-body scans.

“Through our partnership with Volta Power Systems, we were able to break down an energy barrier so the clinic can go farther, run longer and reach more people,” said Jamie Sorenson, Director of Specialty Vehicles and Advanced Technology at Winnebago. “Winnebago is dedicated to pushing the limits on our technology and advancing our products to make a lasting impact with projects like the mobile CT Clinic.”

With the Volta System, the alternator can recharge the storage packs while the vehicle travels from location to location, enabling the clinic to make stops throughout the day or over several days without shore power. The system also provides enough energy to run all the amenities necessary to feel like a traditional medical clinic.

“It takes power for the mobile CT clinic to feel like a real medical clinic,” said Jack Johnson, Volta Power Systems CEO. “From the HVAC to lighting, the Volta system is able to provide all the energy the mobile CT Clinic needs, so patients can get the care they need in a comfortable, reliable environment.”

The mobile CT Clinic includes the BodyTom Elite, the world’s first portable, battery-powered, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner. A low-dose CT scan creates a detailed picture of the lungs enabling early lung cancer and lung disease detection. The system’s rapid scan time and immediate image viewing are ideal for mobile applications.

“Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in America. With the mobile clinic, we can detect cancer and lung disease early in people who have little or no access to this lifesaving technology,” said David Webster, Neurologica COO. “Early detection of lung cancer is crucial for treatment so making these scans more accessible will ultimately save lives.”

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